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As anyone visiting in the past will tell you, it was in desperate need of some TLC. I drew some momentum from YAPC::NA this summer and finally gave it a facelift. There's more work to do, but I think it's a big improvement.

The front page is built based on a feed from the Perl Community Calendar maintained by brian foy in Google Calendar. If you want your event on, make sure it gets in there. Thanks to Joshua Gatcomb (a.k.a. Limbic~Region) for help with the Google Calendar script.

And look at all those perl events!

The Perl Foundation is pleased to announce new appointments to several board positions: Bill Odom, previously President, becomes Chairman; Richard Dice becomes President; and Jim Brandt becomes Vice President. The board elected these new members in an August 2007 vote by the board members as mandated by the charter. Kurt DeMaagd will continue to serve as Treasurer, and Nat Torkington and Allison Randal will continue to serve as directors.

On behalf of The Perl Foundation and the entire Perl community, our profound thanks go to Kevin Lenzo for his years of service as founding President and then Chairman of the foundation. While no longer a voting member of the Board of Directors, Kevin will retain the title of Director Emeritus.

Richard Dice and Jim Brandt, previously Steering Committee and Conference Committee chairs respectively, will continue to serve in these positions until committee elections are held. Details on these elections will be released shortly.

Parrot Grant Update for July, August, and Half of September

In July and August, we had our monthly releases of Parrot, 0.4.14 and 0.4.15. There were various language updates, but one of these deserves special mention. The 0.4.15 release included an implementation of "Not Quite Perl". This language implements a subset of the full Perl 6 feature set, and will be used within the compiler tools for all languages running on Parrot, and as a way to bootstrap a complete Perl 6 implementation.

The 0.4.14 release included a lot of code cleanup, correcting problems found by automated tools such as lint. 0.4.15 included a refactoring of the configuration system.

On the design side, the Object (PDD15) and PMC designs (PDD17) have both received some updates, and 0.4.15 included more implementation work on the object metamodel as described in the object design.

Allison Randal led a one-day Parrot hackathon at the recent YAPC::EU conference in Vienna. At the hackathon they provided training to new Parrot developers, prototyped the next stage of development for Parrot's Tree Grammar Engine, planned the steps for finishing off milestone 3 for the OO subsystem, and made valuable progress on bug ticket review and resolution.

Allison has also created a schedule for completing the remainder of the first two Parrot milestones. To further this work, she will be working Parrot full-time through December, and half-time next year. The first deadline on this schedule was for the completion of the PMC design by September 15, which Allison has reached.

As a director of the Perl Foundation, Allison is not eligible for direct grant payments. Instead, the grant payment for the PMC design work will go to purchase a development machine for her to use while working on Parrot.

Copenhagen, Denmark to host YAPC::Europe 2008

In case you missed it, here's the official press release from YEF regarding YAPC::Europe next year. Given the numbers at YAPC::Europe this year, it looks like they'll need a good-sized venue.

From: YEF Venue Committee Subject: Copenhagen, Denmark to host YAPC::Europe 2008

The YAPC::Europe Foundation is pleased to announce that Copenhagen, Denmark has been chosen as the site for YAPC::Europe 2008, the ninth European YAPC.

Copenhagen faced stiff competition from Braga, Portugal, which hosted a memorable YAPC::Europe in 2005. This year also marked the first submission from a group unaffiliated with Perlmongers: the Informatics department of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We hope that both these groups will give us the opportunity to consider their proposals again in the future.

We are confident that's experienced team [1] - which was responsible for several Nordic Perl Workshops [2] - will put together a wonderful conference.

We hope to see you in Copenhagen next summer!

The YEF Venue Committee

[1] [2]

Frozen Perl 2008 Call for Speakers

Frozen Perl 2008 will be a one-day workshop in sunny Minneapolis on Saturday, February 16, 2008. We've officially opened up our Call for Speakers, and we're looking forward to your submissions. Our workshop theme is "Perl in Practice", so practical submissions are encouraged.

Andy mentioned in an earlier post that registration isn't open and would "definitely be under $100". Registration is still not open, but I wanted to add that the early bird price is likely to be $20 for non-students and $10 for students. We're also working on providing a one-day Perl Intro to Perl class the day before for a very reasonable price, which we're very excited about.

Perl-Based MediaWiki Syntax Parser

Following on from the success of his recent XML::RSS grant, Shlomi Fish has been awarded another grant to create a reusable parser for the syntax of MediaWiki, the popular open-source wiki engine that powers sites such as Wikipedia and Wikiquote. The deliverables of the grant are a CPAN module and a Kwiki plugin for using this MediaWiki syntax in Kwiki wikis, enabling people to create Perl projects that can parse its syntax and create compatible wikis. Shlomi's progress will be documented in future entries of this blog.

The Minneapolis Perl Mongers have announced the date of their one-day Perl workshop. Mark your calendars now for Frozen Perl 2008 February 16th, 2008.

Frozen Perl will be an all-day workshop held at the University of Minnesota. Pricing has not yet been announced, but I'm sure it will be under $100.

If, like me, you found it to be a bit too far to get to the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop on October 13-14, 2007, this is a great alternative. I hope to see you there.

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