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What sort of programmer uses Perl? Do most Perl programmers use it as a primary language, or just write the occasional script? And are there really as few women as conventional wisdom says? Kirrily Robert wants to know, and wants anyone around the world who uses Perl to help by answering a simple five-minute survey at perlsurvey.org.

Kirrily's goal is to "take a snapshot of the Perl world as it currently stands." As an active member of the Perl community, she's often asked questions about Perl's users and is only left to "hypothesise, generalise, and hand-wave." Further, software communities can often be an echo chamber where people only hear from like-minded people. The Perl Survey is an attempt to break out of that echo chamber and hear from all Perl users around the world, regardless of skill level, not just the core users most active in vocal communities.

An interesting part of the survey is asking the respondent's salary, if they choose to release it. "I hear a lot of talk about the going rate for Perl programmers," Kirrily says, "and whether organizations that claim they can't hire Perl programmers simply aren't paying enough." Correlating results with the other data points could shed light on the topic. The survey's reach could also help users around the world. "Salary information can be very hard to find out for anywhere other than the US," says Kirrily, an Australian.

The survey will be open until September 30, 2007. Then, in October, Kirrily will be announcing the results and releasing the raw data, minus email addresses, under a Creative Commons "CC-BY" license. Her hope is that other interested people will provide their own analyses of the results.

For further information, and to participate if you use Perl at all, visit perlsurvey.org.

The Perl Foundation is at OSCON

Got a question about The Perl Foundation? Want to volunteer some time for The Perl Foundation?

Come see us on the floor in the Expo Hall at OSCON. We're right next to the massage booth!

ProhibitComplexMapping Policy Released

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Chris Dolan's Policies for Perl::Critic grant, awarded April 07, is now underway. Chris intends to add twenty policies that are inspired by Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices to Perl::Critic to help developers to make their code more maintainable.

Chris has written the first of the twenty policies funded by the grant, Perl::Critic::Policy::BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitComplexMapping, which insists that the block argument to map() has at most one statement.

Further details of the policies Chris intends to implement can be found in Perl::Critic's POD. You can also track Chris's work at http://perlcritic.tigris.org/svn/perlcritic/branches/Perl-Critic-1.xxx

Parrot Grant Update - May and June

May and June saw the usual monthly releases of Parrot, 0.4.12 and 0.4.13. Between these two releases, there were numerous language updates, including PHP and Lisp. On the Perl 6 front, 0.4.13 was the first release where Parrot passed the Perl 6 sanity tests. This is an exciting achievement, because it means that Parrot supports enough of Perl 6 that the developers can start using Perl 6 to bootstrap its own implementation.

There were also many improvements to the Parrot internals, notably on the object implementation, as well as smaller improvements in the garbage collector, memory leak fixing, and general cleanup. The object work focused on implementing the new object metamodel documented in PDD15 and switching current object code to this new metamodel.

On the design side, there was significant work on the design for PMCs (PDD17), and Allison expects this to be finalized soon.

Parrot had a strong presence at the recent YAPC::NA conference in Houston, TX. There was almost a full day of talks devoted to Parrot, including presentations by chromatic, Project Manager Will Coleda, Patrick Michaud, and Parrot Architect Allison Randal.

No milestone payments were approved during this period.

Reminder: Call for Venue--YAPC::NA::2008 deadline

The deadline for submitting your venue bids for this year is approaching. I know there are some folks out there working on bids, so don't count on us going into overtime.

The due date is August 1.

You can find more details in this year's call and the previous call.

New TPF Community Relations Leader

After four years of excellent (and often thankless) work behind the scenes of pm.org, Dave Cross has decided to step down and take a well-deserved rest. Thanks, Dave!

Stepping into Dave's role is José Castro, already well-known to many in our community as cog. José will be leading a team charged with helping to establish and nurture Perl Mongers groups throughout the world.

There are already a number of projects under way, and several more in the planning stages, but José and his team want to hear from you. Any feedback or suggestions you have to offer will be greatly appreciated.

(Many thanks as well to log for generously sponsoring a portion of José's time throughout 2007 to work on Perl Mongers and Perl Foundation activities.)

A new wiki for Perl 5

The irrepressible Michael Schwern has launched a new wiki devoted to all things Perl 5, and has invited everyone to contribute:

Perl 5 needs a place to collect its community knowledge which is currently scattered around in penny packets on perl mongers sites, scads of perl.org hosts, mailing list archives, man pages and books.

This sort of thing is handled well by a wiki. Perl 5 now has one:


As Schwern notes, however, launching the wiki is just the beginning:

It is hungry for content. What sort of content? Any sort of Perl 5 related content. Really. Anything you think someone else might find useful that would otherwise be lost in the noise of the Internet.

One simple task you can do right now is add a module to one of the lists of Recommended CPAN Modules:


A trio of Perl 6 microgrants

Three more Perl 6 Microgrants have been awarded!

Jesse Vincent of Best Practical writes:

Flavio Glock will receive a travel microgrant to help him attend YAPC::EU and evangelize kp6 and the Perl 6 in Perl 6 effort.

Steve Pritchard will receive a microgrant to complete the RPM packaging of Parrot and Pugs for Fedora, and to submit those packages for inclusion in the official Fedora distribution. Steve will be blogging his progress at http://blog.stevecoinc.com/

Juerd Waalboer is the maintainer of feather.perl6.nl, the primary host for Pugs development. Juerd will receive a microgrant to purchase upgraded hardware for feather.

Five Perl 6 microgrants remain to be awarded, so if you've got a good idea, we want to hear about it. You can find out how to submit a proposal here: http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2007/03/msg122448.html.

About TPF

The Perl Foundation - supporting the Perl community since 2000. Find out more at www.perlfoundation.org.

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