Mango Grant Update


Chris Laco's Mango grant application work was delayed slightly, but he's now starting on it. Below is his latest grant update, as collected by his grant manager, Adrian Howard.

Well, it's that time of year. Time to pay the piper. :-)

Handel 1.0 and Handel-Storage-RDBO 0.01 are in a holding pattern waiting for releases of DBIC and RDBO, but they're done. Time to get the Mango train rolling.


  • setup SVN directory
  • file/folder layout in Catalyst
  • basic Mango::Web and Mango::Setup cat apps in same directory
  • Cat sessions are working
  • I18N plugins/files setup

In Progress:

  • Users/Roles schema, classes
  • Cat Auth plugin for Users/Roles
  • Provider class framework

Coming Up:

  • Cart/Order Schema/Providers
  • Products Schema/Providers

My over all goal for this month is to get the how-things-work bits working before I move on to writing web/set/admin UI pages.



I'm sure I could find info on Mango if I tried, but in the future could you please link to background info about the project? Thanks.


Eek! Had I known the email would go straight to the blog, I would've included a little more detail, or at least decent spelling. :-)

The grant approvale is here: Grant Approved: Mango.

There isn't much info on Mango at the moment, but there are a few bits in the wiki and there's always the Subversion repository.

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