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Time to prepare your presentations

It's the time of year to gather up all the cool stuff you've been working on and get it ready to show everyone else. The calls are out there for several conferences right now:

Wow, that's a lot of Perl to talk about.

A Conference Toolkit (ACT) Goes Open Source

A while ago I blogged that I really wanted a Perl-based conference toolkit that YAPCs and other conferences could use so they didn't spend time hacking on the website when they should be organizing the conference. Well, the folks who work on ACT have been working to fulfill some of the items I presented and earlier today they officially announced that it is open source with a dual GPL/Artistic license.

Grant Updates

We have two grant updates (sort of) this time.

Adam Kennedy's "Extending PPI Towards a Refactoring Perl Editor" has no new news to report. This grant is currently stalled.

Shlomi Fish's work on "XML::RSS Cleanup", however, is going quite well. Read on for more information.

Chris Laco's Mango grant application work was delayed slightly, but he's now starting on it. Below is his latest grant update, as collected by his grant manager, Adrian Howard.

Grants Awards

Grant vote results are in and one grant was awarded. The first Perl Foundation grant of 2007 has been award to Shlomi Fish for resolving outstanding issues in XML::RSS. Shlomi has worked with Ask Bjørn Hansen, the module's maintainer, to resolve some bugs in it in the past and now plans to tackle the rest of the work. Rosellyn Thompson is the grant manager assigned to this grant.

Below is the original grant application.

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