Parrot Grant Update - October and November

Here's the latest grant update as sent to NLNet ...

During October and November, Allison has continued working on the PDD for IO, which she hopes to finish soon.

Parrot 0.4.7 was released on November 14th. This release includes design work on bytecode files, embedding, concurrency, and objects. The bytecode file PDD (PDD25) is complete, and is beginning to be implemented.

There has been significant design and implementation work on the Perl6 compiler toolchain. On the language front, this release improves support for Ruby, Tcl, and Lua, and adds initial support for PHP and Forth.

The 0.4.7 release also includes a new Perl5 module, Parrot::Embed, which allows one to embed a Parrot interpreter in a Perl5 program.

No milestone payments were made for this grant period.

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