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Parrot Grant Update - August and September

Here's the latest Parrot Grant Update ...

In August and September, Allison has been working on the PDD for IO, which she expects to finish sometime in October or November. Because IO, events, and threads are so inter-related, some of the IO work will spill over into work on the PDDs for events and threads as well.

YAML Grant Status

For those curious, the YAML grant's status is being tracked by Ingy döt Net at this wiki. I'll chase down more info on the Mango grant and post it here.

The Chicago Hackathon (http://hackathon.info) is excited to have Krugle part of the proceedings. Krugle (http://krugle.com) is a search engine for source code, projects, and technical information across the web, and they want your feedback. The Krugle team wants to hear from Perl programmers about how Krugle can be more useful to the Perl community.

On Saturday, Krugle will be hosting a demo of Krugle, as well as feeding us pizza. They're looking for content advisors, feature feedback, and other interesting ideas. If you're intereted, plan on stopping in the main meeting room. If you're not, just come by, grab some pizza, and head back to hacking.

Ken Krugler, the founder, will be hosting the demo and conversation. He first cut his coding teeth in the Lisa/Mac vortex, and then spent 15 years solving I18N problems. For the past 18 months he's been obsessing about exploratory vertical search for code. In his spare time, he fiddles with cellular automata.

Moving toward a conferences toolkit (ACT)

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Long-time readers might remember my plea for a conference module to allow YAPC organizers to organize rather than hack the website. Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I was able to get in touch with the YAPC Europe folks and the ACT folks and they have agreed to work on making ACT the default YAPC web site framework.

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