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The Chicago Perl Mongers and The Perl Foundation are proud to announce the Fall 2006 Chicago Hackathon, the weekend of November 10-12, 2006 in suburban Crystal Lake, IL. It will be a round-the-clock weekend of programming on Perl-related projects with your colleagues in the open source community. Dozens of programmers from the open source community in the midwest, as well as others from around the US, will be getting together to share ideas, work on code, and move their Perl-related projects forward.

The participants set the agenda for what we'll be working on, but Perl 6 and Parrot are already on the roster of projects. Chip Salzenberg, pumpking for the Parrot project, will be on hand to help with Parrot and Perl 6. Andy Lester will also be driving some Parrot maintenance tasks, and other midwest programmers will be working on their own projects. There's sure to be something interesting for everyone!

Participation in the hackathon costs nothing. The Perl Foundation is even providing hotel rooms at a special rate if you want to spend the night. Even if you're in the area for just an hour, stop by, grab a snack or some pizza and talk with other people interested in Perl. You might contribute more than you think just by talking with other programmers.

To find out more, visit If you'll be attending, please sign in on the Attendees wiki page, and/or email [email protected]. You can also send questions to Andy Lester at [email protected]

(This is re-posted from a general announcement made by Jesse Vincent, Perl 6 Project Manager. -- Andy Lester, Perl Foundation PR)

Over the past several years, one key aspect of the migration plan to Perl 6 has been the Ponie project, a fusion of the Perl 5 runtime with Parrot. Sponsored by Fotango, Artur Bergman and Nicholas Clark did a heroic job cleaning up Perl's internals to make it possible to replace some components of Perl 5 with Parrot, one piece at a time, while still keeping the core of the Perl 5 runtime intact with 100% bug-for-bug compatibility. Along the way, Nicholas ported several significant Perl core improvements from Ponie back to the Perl 5.9 tree.

Ponie never really became a community project. All significant work was done as part of Fotango's sponsorship. When it had good momentum and sponsored developers, it needed a number of Parrot features that weren't yet available. At this point, Ponie has not been in active development for almost half a year and it's my unhappy duty to declare the project dead.

Norman Nunley is currently working to do a final extraction of unharvested improvements from the Ponie code before we put it out to pasture. Lots of good came out of Ponie, just not the good things we expected.

A number of very talented hackers are currently exploring multiple strategies to enable most Perl 5 code to run seamlessly along side Perl 6 in Parrot. Folks have already demonstrated a proof-of-concept Parrot VM embedded in the Perl 5 runtime. Work is underway on a Perl 5 to Perl 6 translator and the existing Perl 6 compiler on Parrot is the proof of concept for a similar implementation of a "regularized" Perl 5. At this point, it wouldn't be reasonable to bless any one right way forward but each of these techniques (and possibly others) could play a part in whatever "5 on 6" scheme we end up with. No matter what happens, we're committed to making your Perl 5 code play well with new Perl 6 code.



TPF's been a busy little foundation lately. Interesting things are taking shape, and you'll be seeing announcements about some of them very soon. Be sure to stay tuned.

Much of this progress is a result of the excellent feedback we've received from the community. (It's not always pleasant feedback, but it's useful all the same.) But we're a greedy bunch, and making progress just makes us want to make more.

That means we need to continue to hear from you. Do you know what TPF does, and what it supports? What can we do to keep you better informed? Perhaps most importantly, what else do you want us to do, or to do more often?

We've got lots of ideas, but limited resources. It's critical that we know what you need most. How can we serve you, our community, more effectively?

Here's Christopher Laco's "Mango" grant application.

Here's Brian Ingerson's "Port PyYAML to Perl" grant application.

The latest round of grant voting has ended and I've informed all of the applicants of the status of their grant. Two grants were approved this quarter "Porting PyYAML to Perl" and "Mango", a Web 2.0 ecommerce application built using the Handel and Catalyst frameworks. The full applications will be posted after this.

The PyYAML port is to be done by Ingy (Brian Ingerson) and was approved because frankly, YAML support in Perl ain't all that great and there are few better qualified that Ingy to get this done.

The Mango application will be put together by Chris Laco. The committee really liked this proposal in large part because it will be a great app that could have widespread potential outside of the Perl community. Many folks were initially drawn to Perl because they found useful code written in Perl and naturally turned toward the language. We'd like to continue that.

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback on these.

Parrot Grant Update - June and July

My job as Parrot Grant Manager is basically to make prepare a report every two months for NLnet, who are the funders behind the big Parrot grant.

Here is the grant report for June and July of 2006:

Bids Posted

I have posted all the bids. If you seen any horrible errors in my cut-and-paste, let me know ( cbrandt [a t] ) or post a comment.

YAPC::NA::2007 Boston Bid

1 Comment

The bid follows:

Update: Applied some formatting updates from Bob Clancy to address cut-off columns on some tables.

YAPC::NA::2007 Philadelphia Bid

The bid follows:

YAPC::NA::2007 Houston Bid

The bid follows:

YAPC::NA::2007 Call for Venue Now Closed


After a flurry of last minute activity and a submission at 11:58 PM EST last night, the bidding period for hosting YAPC::NA::2007 is now closed. I'm happy to report that we have three bids, two of them from confederations of multiple PM groups.

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