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YAPC Buffalo bid document

In the interest of providing more examples of bids from the past to help future bidders, I'm posting the Buffalo bid here. Read on for details.

Note that we had a wiki up with details, pictures, etc., but the wiki has since gone away.

There are only two weeks left until YAPC::NA 2006 begins at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The schedule includes great subject tracks, including Perl 6, Parrot and Web Frameworks. YAPC::NA 2006 also includes keynotes by Larry Wall and Damian Conway.

Registration is still open, and costs only $100. In addition, three additional courses taught by Damian Conway, Randal Schwartz, and brian d foy are available following YAPC::NA 2006 for only $200.

The registration deadline for lightning talks is approaching. You can propose a talk by June 19, 2006.

We hope to see you at YAPC::NA 2006 in Chicago, June 26th through the 28th!

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