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I was going to announce Nicholas Clark's progress on his Improve Perl 5 when I announced this quarter's grant votes. However, the summary below (including the TODO information) isn't quite accurate. It was sent to me on May 11th, and as of a May 20th email to me, I'm informed that even Nicholas' TODO items have been accomplished, along with documentation of user pragmata. His grant appears to be finished and a great success. Many thanks Nicholas!

May Votes

Just a quick update about the grant applications for May, 2006. Regrettably, no applications were approved. We generally don't publish the rejected applications because we don't want to make the applicants feel awkward, but I do have the unenviable task of informing the applicants not only that their grants were not approved, but also giving them a rough summary of why the grants were not approved.

For this round, it typically boiled down to three things.

  1. No grant amount listed. This is an automatic rejection.
  2. Grant amounts too high. Rarely do we authorize $10K grants.
  3. Unclear benefits to the Perl community at large.

The next round of grants will be voted on in August and I look forward to your applications! (Hopefully this bit of news won't be so daunting as to intimidate folks).

Between Parrot and Pugs, Perl 6 is slowly but surely getting to a state where it's actually usable.

We created the first mailing list for "Perl6 users". Eventually most of the regular perl mailing lists will be for both Perl 5 and Perl 6 users, but for now it makes sense to have a list specifically for users of Perl 6 (useres as opposed to implementors).

Subscribe by sending a mail to [email protected].

When to make bids public


Jeremy Fluhmann responded to my Call for Venue post saying he'd be interested to see the other bids when they get posted. This brings up a good point: when should the bids be made public?

Call for Venue--YAPC::NA::2007


Can't figure out how you're going to get to Chicago for YAPC::NA this year and wish it was in your city? Want to meet Perl luminaries, but aren't sure how? Want to contribute to Perl without writing a new MVC framework?

If you answer yes to at least two of these questions, you might be just the person we want to host YAPC next year. But you can't host if you don't bid. We're starting the venue bidding process earlier this year for YAPC::NA so it's time to get to work. Read on for this year's bid schedule and other details.

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