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I need a perl-based conference system


As TPF Conferences Chair, I try to help eager, excited organizers put together a YAPC. Ever since I ran YAPC in Buffalo in 2004, I've wanted to put together something called Conference::Toolkit that would solve all of the YAPC web-site needs. Well, given my TPF duties, I honestly don't have the time to do this right.

And I want it done right. I want to put together the best conference management toolkit available.

YAPC::Asia::2006 coming soon in Tokyo

I've been remiss in noting that YAPC::Asia::2006 is right around the corner. But if you're in Tokyo and want to go, it appears you're a bit too late. They've sold out!

They have a great line-up of talks and speakers. If you're already registered, have fun!

YAPC::Brasil::2006 Coming in April


This year YAPC::Brasil will be held April 19-22, 2006 in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil in conjunction with the 7th International Free Software Forum. From what I've heard, FISL (I think that's the correct acronym) is a huge OSS event with attendance last year of over 4,000 people. Brasil is very OSS-friendly and I believe they had some major government officials at the conference last year.

Since it doesn't specifically house a "Perl Conference" like OSCON, it makes perfect sense to run YAPC along-side it. Randal Schwartz attended last year and I believe he plans on attending again.

I have just received the first report for Nicholas Clark's grant. So far, things are going rather well. Read on to see what Nicholas has done.

One of the grants the grant committee approved last year was to extend PPI towards a refactoring editor. At that time, we didn't have procedures in place to take the grant reports and post them to a common spot. Now that we have this blog, our intention is to post these reports regularly so you can see the bang you're getting for your buck.

What follows is Adam Kennedy's report on his PPI work.

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